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Better to have Loved and lost than to have never Loved.

Better to have Loved and lost than to have never Loved.

Beautiful memories ~ Learning to become the Observer
I’m saying all this with a Smile in my heart ~ no games. I’ve been
hoping for this opening reconnection one day for y/our realization
of the deep love that we felt for each other to be truly recognised.
Thank you for sharing your feelings with me which I always believed
in too. It wasn’t just my passion, infatuation, attachment, a dream of
Psychedelica! It is a healing for my spirit to know that you feel the
same. I know I saw that light sparkling in your eyes. I never had a
doubt then you left me in such loss and pain that my crystal smashed
to pieces and I wondered if I’d ever see you again! Was it just Ego,
delusion, an ecstatic state of romance, a magic trance to deceive ‘me’
or did we really look into each other’s heart and dance? I did my best
to hold your soul but you flew on your journey where I was not invited.
I asked the Universe if true for directions to a Higher Consciousness
*Unconditional Love or was it just my Complete Illusion? ***:)
I can’t get my head around that one even tho’ it seems to make a lot
of sense it doesn’t seem right It’s a concept that has become the core
of Eastern philosophy ….and hard to argue it! I would more likely
say avoid sadness and disappointment by expecting everything from
everyone but these are projections of the mind to protect us; Fair
enough. BUT as an overall view it’s putting limits on life that hasn’t
happened and so won’t happen. It’s another Control mechanism. It’s
EXCELLENT to keep it in our minds as a GUIDE but not to put up a
Mental wall because that is stopping new experience ~ “She deliberately,
& completely avoided you because she knew that you still Loved her!”
‘It is better to have Loved and lost than to have never Loved’ That’s not
True because we never lose! Whatever we experience with an open heart
is the Ultimate even though we might end up in the darkness because
of our ‘Expectations’. We always have to be more Open as Life itself in
us to get the full Realisation and also we enter into Sharing the human
*Adventure of Nature on Earth and in the Cosmic OMNI*PRESENCE*