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If it doesn't upset Buddha then you can do it!

If it doesn’t upset Buddha then you can do it!

“Buddha didn’t want any Buddhism” ~ Why not liberate us all?
Energetics breaking the old karma & making new Presumptions!
Don’t know where the day went! Who knows where any day goes?
Dying for the lights, color puncture, now I’ll work on your heart.
“Strap a plank to me arse in case I fall in”. Are you sure Baba?
“Nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat” Opening the attraction
“Everyone’s got the ability to be artistic same as to be autistic”
Emerald Planet of natural serenity ~ tuning into the Sun.
Allowing that higher frequency to take over”
Piercing her mushy ~ is it wrong or what?
Tao movements, hugging a tree for Life Force!
Love being off my head by the Ocean ~
surrounded by the bliss Babas, Sat Chit Ananda