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You can fulfill your dreams in Goa

You can fulfill your dreams in Goa

Value fracture > ‘Waiting to Die’
“What’s the sound of a feeling?”
what’s the deep colour of a feeling
what’s the taste of a feeling
what’s the smell of a feeling
what’s the touch of a feeling
what’s the thought of a feeling
“knowledge is Pain” lucidity.
“Don’t you know the Rules?”
“You can’t force a woman against her will”
She saved him from his own Self destruction.
Infinite Space is a long time ~ Away from You
“Is this not the time for Love?” Carefree wind.
Translating the upheaval into a painting, revolution
Free spirit “In command of the conventions” releasing them.
“His Landscapes are Mindscapes” His wild hallucinations,
blowing wheat fields with mood swings of squawking crows!
Welcome to the lemon fluorescence of an Arlesian ‘Night Café
Living with the inevitability of another unprovoked ‘disorder’!
Thru chemical imbalance~ held onto some Inspired Revelation
Deeply wild, cherished beauty gone forever & ever in a fever.
Infinity is a vast Ocean for an Insanely epileptic to transcend
“I knew you would” Unbearable pain losing your flower
“You’re destroying the thing you Love”.
“It’s all Your fault, You must die!”
“You’re going to leave with him; A dagger in this heart.
You forced me to kill you!” “Didn’t know what else to do!”
Autumn leaves degeneration into Golden sunsets.
moment to moment ~ inspiration.
Transcending disability, Vincent lives his neural paintings.
I can see the music, taste your touch, smell the wind, hear your
emotions, Feel your dreams. Once like genuine pigments
~ ‘Indian Yellow’ from the urine of cows fed mango leaves