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Cosmic Bomb

Cosmic Bomb

Transcending Kleptocracy
“You need desire to be a better person”
I don’t wanna feel oppressed; Try 250 mikes never the same again!
In my mind, wash of the bottle was fantastic, everything is very surreal,
beautiful, colours jumping out of people’s heads; A Kundalini power ray!
Stalked by a woman in Cambodia escaped from the Sevak in Persia!
‘Laos had more Bombs dropped on it than any other country in history!’
Was done clandestinely, homicidal, ask Henry Kissinger’s chiefs of staff.
More Genocidal Bombing than on Germany And Japan in World War 2!
Ask a bipolar pensioner studying Psychology what he thinks of
Political power using electric shock to torture! & Ask any Despot!
Every instant is essentially changing as electricity in a light ~
The illusion to my limited eye*sight is that it is constantly there!
Everything lives in cycles ~ dematerialises into Cosmic Oceans.
“Why did you come?” “I came for Love”