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Lay back don't be so serious smoke some marijuana!

Lay back don’t be so serious smoke some marijuana!

Too Much Mind ~ Be Kind
‘But we got a Brain to train’ (beyond insane)
~ Don’t acknowledge it only physically!
Of course no ambition, definition.
It’s better defeating the Will Power.
Surrendering to the beach time sunshine
Is it so Important what You, really Think!?
Now I know, you’re an Alien showing more
Positive energy flow ~ keeping them safe.
Coke killed the culture + Meth amphetamine showed up!
How to let go ~ how to do that purring like your pussy
tuning in at different levels enjoying cosmic meanings.
Playing with the nucleus of your young Lover’s heart.
Shamans in touch with Orchids, Charas, fresh Marijuana
Before the ‘drugs of the axis of evil’ they were Medicine,
help psychotics with LSD & ecstasy come to their senses.
Sub atomic levels of Vibration, DNA, MDMA, let it go ~
Protection of Lovers, hippies, free thinkers, travellers,
Our Spiritual healers bringing ~
gifts of Consciousness