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Fear is due to one's absorption In Illusory Energies

Fear is due to one’s absorption In Illusory Energies

The Interaction of Energies
Krishna ~ ‘the Cause of All Causes’
Ordinary people came to know Why He appeared
on Earth and Executed such Wonderful, Amazing acts.
Come to know ‘bhakti’ ‘devotion’ Spiritual Consciousness.
Relieving a person from all problems, their ‘disorders’ of Life
If a Man is Suffering it’s due to his Forgetfulness of his Eternal
Relationship to Krishna Spiritual Consciousness
Relationship ~ Activities but don’t be Attached to the Result.
Do it with Spiritual Consciousness of the boundlessness
Birth and death only in Material body worlds ~
Not spiritual knowledge or Krishna consciousness.
Frequencies, densities, gravities, less worry, less anxiety.
“Fear is due to one’s absorption in Illusory energy”
“The human body is meant for spiritual Realisation”
(BG.pp.171/2) Brahma is the Original creature ~
Hearts & souls submerging at the lotus feet of Krishna