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Strong feelings of Happiness & Bliss ~ Let's have 'em both

Strong feelings of Happiness & Bliss ~ Let’s have ’em both

The Greatest Warrior ~ Commanding Elephants
Seeing you in wonder off the battlefield
All perfected ~ body is Immaterial.
Sitting, feeling Kundalini ~ lava rising in your Yoni
Individual Star crossed lovers of eternal entity
Kama Sutra Yoga free from bondage, being bliss ~
Living without the fruit of a throbbing Karmic tree.
‘Samadhi’, from the Vedic dictionary; ‘Fixed Mind’
When the Mind is fixed for Understanding the Self.
Not possible for those captivated by the senses
Condemned by the processes, of Material Energies.
Be free from all dualities, from any gainful anxieties;
Be established in the self (yoga). Have no guilt feelings!
Pain & fear because you’re Attached to the Sensations!
Lovely to read the poetry of Vyasadeva, dancing at dusk
~ Om a Starlit beach