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No Expectations ~ Pure Mind and Spirit

No Expectation ~ Pure Mind and Spirit

Targeted Disappoint Meant
What’s ‘Expectation’s Opposite’?
‘No Expectation’
If you don’t go there in the first place,
Can’t be disappointed, I’m not joking babe ~
“Don’t do Anything with Craving Expectation”
Heart of Siddhartha Gotama Heart of Buddha
Heart of Life, Heart of a good person,
Here in the here and Now, now holy cow ~
Yeah I can see your wings Angel ~ Essence
The Ultimate Trip Giving *Birth ~ energies
Spiritual dimension ~ “Please Pick me”
‘Sat Chit Ananda’
‘Om Mani Padma Hum’
Inspirational Universal Being ~
Love of ~ Mother from the open heart
Comes from the Sacred womb
Pure Joy, No tragic, Pure Magic,
Life force in each natural atom
In each Cosmic blade of grass
Bubbles of ~ Om* Conscience
Not a bomb in a womb or tomb
I will Surrender
The Perfect Conception
divine perception