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Falling in Love ~ with the Trauma ~ Unconditional Love

Falling in Love ~ with the Trauma ~ Unconditional Love

We’re the DNA of everything that exists in the
Universe ~ infinite atomic intra connectedness to the planets,
plants, the frog, Shark, the tree, microscopic, macroscopic,
a grasshopper, bee, to you and to me, to the chemicals,
to the matter, to the air to the water to the fire to the colours ,
red meteors, Tibetan bells to perfumes to smells.
The river, Nibbana is flowing with the ‘Whole’.
This cosmic consciousness has attachment roll
Flowing through the Human and Natural Spirit.
Let it go like aurora borealis with the quality
of Unconditional Love.
Uniquely Infinitely ~ surrender to it, let it know, flow go ~
an Ego Paradox for fulfilment not less, no loss,
no separation, no tragedy or disasters.
We’re attached to the clinging e motion.
There’s the rain, the pain, the insane, Sane
the hurricane, there’s the blame and shame
you and me fighting for our lives in this same
unbelievable Tsunami ~ for a Universal relief
Be Here Now ‘As It Is’ ~
Consciousness of bliss Complete Integration.
Yoga. the Cosmic nature existing in all of us.
Propaganda edicts, edits
Only distorts, confuses, obfuscates the human
The Cosmic shell, the Cosmic cell,
back into the Cosmic Ocean ~
behind any two way mirror ~