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You are the Earth and the Sky ~ Just need to fly

You are the Earth and the Sky ~ Just need to fly

A long deep loving kiss as their lips touched
touching me from your body of knowledge
In the silence, I learnt to love being alone in nature.
Surrendering Totally to One another ~
Their Unified self, reconnected and realigned
becoming fulfilled as Oneness fused their bonding ~
These others have sunk so low in their life actions
Propaganda Failure.
Lost their Sacred Purpose ~
The Sleep of Letting Go
Finding a hidden place
Painlessness of their parting
Perfection itself ~
Life’s higher purpose,
Releasing his beautiful fantasy
The air vibrated with love and Openness
What need do we have of secrets from one another
When we derive from the same essence
Inter/\Intra ~ dimensional, Why Propaganda then?
This place of his heart will soon disappear
from the material dimension ~ plane of manifestation.
Alive only in the memories of those still in its service!
It will reside within another dimensional Universe
existing at a higher frequency level upon
the evolutionary Spiral ~
Resonating with pre encoded patterns of cells chelation.
central is a doorway into Cosmic creation
thru black holes, thru white holes, thru silver seams
stairway into Universal octave ~ Radiant golden beams
Sparkling quartz crystals difficult to comprehend
with the human Mind and limitations of words.
The Tower of Light *Fusion Of Matter and Spirit
forms the formless bridge ~ the 4th dimensional
person Linking ~ Spirit and Matter
Change your concepts of Spatial Relationship
No one definitive up or down but Infinitely ~
dimensional point of view, reference or frequency ‘Perception’.
No vertical or horizontal ~ fixed point!
Why still accept such Pathetic Propaganda?
diamond Lotus transmitter of light and vibrations
Star gates, Vortexes. Doorways Invisible Dimensions
Into Myriad Time and Space ~ Beyond Mind definitions
with the Wisdom of Vipassana Meditation
& ‘Yoga’ Painting these Dimensional Portals *
Transcending Ego ~ Transforming Conceptuals,
Innumerous Star fields***
Universal frequencies ~
Sacred Duty never forgotten by us
Perceiving him through his impeccable clarity
returning into the Awareness of my body,
Searching for Master Vibrations
Transmuting existing negative forces
Counter act these transgressions and neutralise
distorted frequencies used in their manipulations.
for Increased power and control,
re-emerge to ‘Whole’.
Feeling more Grounded to flow in cosmic energy.
A scourge of corrupt, degenerate Super Technology
As in history wants to rule over Spirituality!
Is there Respect for the ‘Powers’ they Invoked?
Struggles for Control, delusional and disillusioned
beyond time ~ In another Dimension
Real Compassion and deep love
Combinations give different Concepts
The Spiritual view rebukes Propaganda
Completely –
as low level untrue ‘Hypothesis’ of What?
Spirit fighting back egocentric definitive logic bondage.
Gripped by strong Emotions
Realised Lovers
Released each other
to their now separate destinies!
Don’t mourn their death as still alive in cosmic air
Living today to Save the Planetary Consciousness
To stop those Perpetrating this Ignorant Propaganda.
Form Proper balance of Intellect and Heart.
Healing, Not the Destruction of Planet Mother Earth.
4th Dimensional Awareness ~
Union of Sun and Moon
Pangs of loneliness penetrated deeper within him
Senses of dejection, defection,
loss of his Lover’s kiss.
Immaculate, Wisdom and Compassionate ~
Understanding will Arrive on these Starlit shores
Absolutely ~ Changing Life, Previously veiled.
He Passed a Blue diamond Ankh over her body
Moved her into Higher Awareness ~
Never experienced before such Total Absence
of Sound now linked with other Spirit Vibrations
different parts of ancient Wisdom and Angelic Star
Both Unique aspects of the same Illuminations
Spiritual Link between Earth and Sky
Living in denser Magnetic current frequency patterns
This Propaganda is Altered Planetary grid Structure ~
Molecular contents of atmosphere and Celestials
Pure Angelic realm Impressed upon his consciousness
dimensions beyond Time explained with loving patience
Real Compassion & Deep Love
More Combinations different concepts of
+ve >< -ve =Alignment of their essences=
The Goddess ‘Nut’ she who holds up the sky ~
realised everything was a manifestation of herself
She and everything else were but the same
Divine Essence ~ Every Star was her Star
She was that sole Star * Radiantly beautiful Woman
Absolute delight in her radiant smile
More brilliant than a thousand suns
A look conveying their Deepest Alignment and Love
What is your Purpose, Your Propaganda conveying?
No doubt that ~ It’s certainly ‘Non Cosmic Spirit’!
Twin souls serving their higher purpose ~ go forth
The Paradox of Separation!
To allow True fulfilled ~ Expression of his being
(no propaganda, Giant Panda)
‘she was his thread to the infinite’
Saying goodbye to the most precious person in his life
Awash in the Sea of decision
It is not my intention to keep secrets
Illuminate the illusions of duality with light of Oneness
Spiraling Cycles ~ with each Completion
to the place of the beginning ~ we are always
on a higher step of the evolutionary ladder
“Spirals also found in internal structure of Crystals
Contain Knowledge and True history of the planet.
Crystals transmitting and receiving
in cosmic meadows.
Open to their secrets
we become the Crystals Ourselves.
Sacred Process next level to Planetary service
Developing your Crystal diamond * light body
Its Molecules with each completion,
reawaken memories
Dormant, hidden deep In sub conscious terrortries
‘Principle of Duration’ that which comes and goes
fills and empties and of that which endures ~ Seas
Waves of the illusion of the rising and falling
Amidst the Constant of all pervading Energy patterns
Crystal arrows Brilliant Shafts of Light
Actions your direction to the future
Incarnated voluntarily on path of loving service
Crystals beyond Earth’s Pre Encoded Cosmic
Patterns of Wisdom.
these arrows must be discharged to effect completion
of your higher purpose Illumination and Liberation
from this Plane ~ Ready for your homeward journey ~
You have Served your Sacred Purpose
Spirits living in denser energy frequencies of Earth
Temple of the Dawn, early Lemuria, Atlantis morn,
He is a Sun ~ of the Summer Solstice festival
One of our Conscious servers on Earth
Temple of Creative Healing ~ Interplanetary commission
Female energy purifying and realising ~
the Goddess
Energy denser vibrational patterning needs rebalancing
of masculine and feminine to unite as Equals”