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I Am ~ Killing Time - Time is Killing Me

I Am ~ Killing Time – Time is Killing Me

Such a Perfect Illusion
“We have to see we are acting; A very good Cinema”
Illuminated process ~ Closer to the Galaxy, beyond density
We’re lucky Sufferers * accepting the Ultimate
if we know it ~ frequencies arising falling arising ~
Light to Light Inspiration, No self, Ego, ‘Me’ thee there
just flow ~ no need of the suffering of Identifying with it.
More Consciousness ~
all healing, no need of placebos
¼ hits Opening (separate) doors & windows to Surreality.
250 exponential microns mushrooming to the Power 10’
Depends on the Crystals * keeping True Energy ~ Synergy
Tantra * fusion of Timelessness ~ My ‘No Time’ is precious.
Shiva ~ beyond Yoga beyond Meditation, beyond the Moon
Two energies that are one ~ river born