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Dada Baba

Dada Baba

Ring fencing Full Ego Europe, Dada dada dodo
Good but not good enough, Identities that never met
What you take is your business. Defeat Repeat defeat ~
Psychedelic Magic* Kissing Sylvie, Nature’s nymphete.
Reality of an 8 legged horse or a Tantric myth of Thors?
Professional explorer ~ then he met his Acid * Princess.
Impossible to resist, pointed honeyed spears of Amazoniana.
Lovely person with bikini waxing, has aloe vera all over her.
Only Man Made Threatenings > ‘HAL22’ It’s come True!
Surreal Norwegians laughing. Crackers All Jumbled Up.
Where Your Mind Takes You? “Hands up, Profiled Aliens!”
You get there in the End. Learnt it off a CD from the TV.
Found the Love of Your Life. Downloaded Love of a Wife.
In tiniest green grass thong ~ naked gorgeous Lemurian.
Oh! Only for a few Wake up Calls, no ones really listenin’
Relief > I wonder where the money went, who gained?
His beach hut ‘Last Hippy Standing’ lookin’ at the Stars
The Biggest Secret, Secrets, MahaKali without her wings.
What’s with you NSA? Got to be open to Saturn’s rings.
It’s All good, fall in Love; Which is Our Mind “I think”
‘Feeling at least able to have, what’s called a thought!
M. Descartes on the Ghats of Benares with a candle light!
We each put it in our own context, until Acid helps it fly
sky high. It’s ever Obsessional, all part of the Attachment
to Reality, Life Pulling My Heart Strings on squeaky springs.
Didn’t get any medals, My Granddad did at deadly Ypres.
ECG (electrocardiogram) measures Your ‘Pulse’ on a screen.
Yoga Beauty ‘Natural ecstasy’ ~
“A Spiritual Free Spirit”
Spiritual Free Spirit ~ Over Mind Over Matter. What’s it mean?
“Life Is Good”.
Take a deep breath, use Prana ~
next breath in ~ out, the next beat in ~ out this vision ~
in front of my eyes