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Making the Party ~ You are the Party

Making the Party ~ You are the Party

Processing Presto
The Prana will always put you back in your body,
For sure you will be different <> “not judging”
Is it good or is it bad, trust trust to trust ~
It’s all there anyhow, clear agreement to go further
Giving the space to Recognize themselves
Pushing them too far ~ they judge your bliss
Reflecting giving them what they miss, so long,
basically ~ themselves, everything is in the flow
You have to give it, water ~ for the flower to grow.
Just hold the frequency ~ 24 hr. Roundabout
Making the party, Right now ~
‘You are the party’
All the games, Image of being Someone Special
But Hey Ho everyone is Special
I Vibrates at the Crown Chakra
U is the ground chakra
A is Heart, Open Heart
Work with it, bring it in
The feeling in the emotion
Over your will and attention
Change them, feel it directly.
Feeling disharmony over your sound ~
Movement with the sound, hearing it, dancing it ~
Transformed, broke apart, building up the free Space
Of no resistance, no bondage, no attachment barriers.
Confirm that they’re there with the Trust to Open up
Put it normal life in the light
Allowing them to unfold, going beyond
Creating that Space & Make the Revolution
To a healing planet
‘Government is to Take up the slack, not cut out all slack