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Let's play this Romance game. As soon as you think it's real it all goes wrong.

Let’s play this Romance game. As soon as you think it’s real it all goes wrong.

Partners Sharing
What a Great gift we shared
with our bodies, with our fires
My Mind now becoming healed,
freer from the pain,
getting over that one, becoming peace again,
Holistic dhamma flowing essentially changing
your Spirit > through my mind**
All the elements again, glowing flow ~
of desire to attachment and need
Planted the addiction seed being high, being low
Painfully impossible to let you go ~.
Where will I find another one as wonderful as you?
Sharing living from our Open hearts
disappeared Sense of divine destiny
when you flew away from me.
No one to embrace,
no beautiful romance no more orgasmic dance.
Gone my Self and Senses of the magic dream,
gone the smell of you,
left me only pain and ignorance!
Tried to find the balance ~ in the Oceanic essence
Will I Know, to understand, this tragic loss and blow.
Miraculously now ~ returning to the blessed flow,
Finally I could let her go ~
“Alright my baby!”