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flying sorcery * Suprasurreal Spacescapes

flying sorcery * Suprasurreal Spacescapes

Oread’s Paean
Saffron Shake Saffron Cake Saffron flake
Saffron gown Saffron fields of energy
Beautiful Madness Beautiful Clarity
Desperate moment Desperate sadness romance delights
in the sights and appetites of your heavenly climaxes
Beautiful summer worships your golden sexual aura
Perfect sweet desires swell, filling every day of my Life with you.
Travelling Soul <*>mates ~ touching, seeing,
& Another Ego trip. Mind feeding Mind feeling. feeling
Mind seeing feeling Mind feels you*~* you contacting ~
SupraSurrealists Sensations. How many more Ego tricks?
Mind channel contacts, Amazing, begging, forgiveness
After all those Mad & Cruel games of regret & tragedy
Completely ‘Out of Order’ not even Mind games really!
It’s complete Ignorance. Unfortunately Pretty over now,
Stopped in your tracks. Timely time time timelessness ~
be true, sadly, finally came to this, but only a delusion.
Parting is such sorrow! Lightning strikes rebirth surf ~
karma dhamma panorama.
What’s that Rama drama?