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Cosmic Virgin ~ Your Truth is Your Truth

Cosmic Virgin ~ Your Truth is Your Truth

On Mandrem beach
Interfacing with a Yoni Stargate portal, attracting ~ Universal
Energies Recreating human sense fields through her sex chakra
Happy is Good spinning telescopic lenses flying to outer space
Kissing her shaved hot pulsating Star in a virgin Constellation
Love massage soothing song, feeling to touch her Cosmic hips
Dreaming dreams, licking Venus, sucking juiciness’ fruity lips
Make it Heavenly experience * light vibrations in a Goddess
Memory Molecules in a frenzy “Lotta requests for that sperm”
Building receptor sites; Who needs a neurotic transmitter?
Or a light sensitive pineal gland? Massive Anti Depressant?
The Banking World’s Collapsed! Narcosis in a bath of speed.