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Total Equality because of who they are not the Identification of an Illusion!

Total Equality because of who they are not the Identification of an Illusion!

No Spin Doctors’ Madness. Only Free Spirits ~
“Feeling the Fear, but Does it anyway!”
sheep still Asleep, No propaganda is free from fear,
free from pain, freer from Ignorance terrible
and horrible not bliss. Freer from suffering,
Intrinsic to a natural, life of harmony
~ Is more encouragement,
more in touch, no more lies,
no more misinformation,
no misfortune but contentment
happy families and fulfilment, compassion, loving
kindness, equality and equanimity ~ deeper subtler
energy, more transmission, glow,
golden beams of dancing light, more content,
devotion, respect, communicating further,
telepathy, luminosity, synchronicity,
letting go and flow ~ Is more experience,
realisation, recognition, warmer smiles, humour,
better vibrational, less irrational sense, more magic resonance
higher will power and protection, better negotiation
empathy, sympathy, dialogue and listening, no gibberish
warmongering, scaremongering, gives more vitality,
growth, clearer memory, more consideration,
gentleness, tenderness, more abundant harvests,
festivals, fragrant blossoms, celebrations and gratitude,
more tolerance, Intimacy and mercy, less lunacy,
not making a devil out of you, more higher states,
less discriminates, less tension, less negativity, less stressed,
more blessed, Liberated, peaceful and Conscious, less fear and
doubt, pain, torture, destruction, unjust war
so that you and your friends can win, score more.
Struggle against Propaganda’s Reprehensible methods >
guile, stealth, biases’ devices, blight, out of sight, distorts, aborts,
at a loss, Spellbound, ‘Emergencies’
The Troubles’ with mad dogs ‘Incidents’!
We need to ~ Re~channel, neutralize
its corruption, the treachery and cunning ploys,
bring more clarity of vision to discern the Universe,
Activating the energy centres which were too weak,
need to be strong inside oneself ~ Truth gives less panic attacks,
less terror, less heart attacks and heart breaks,
less bights, fights, frights and sleepless nights, less bad trips
less heavy intrusion, invasion, censorship, confusion, loss,
Inhuman cruelty, Suffering, less suspiciousness
Superstitiousness, Superciliousness,
less anger, less arrogance, less harm and alarm,
apprehension, disgust,
panic, trepidation and nightmares,
less resentment, conceit, haughtiness, fake superiority,
deceit sure ain’t neat, or a cure,
to hear blown out of proportion every day
because we can’t accept defeat.
Now we need less -misleading stories, deceptions, treachery,
hoaxes, subterfuge just to sell your news, less unreliable facts
and fraud, dishonest evidence does not prevent it,
with so much unreliable, ambiguous use, have less suspense,
hostility and unease when you only want to tease,
less uptight to enjoy a lovely night, less deep sorrow,
anxiousness, desperation, depression,
greedy and needy selfishness, ruin, debt and poverty,
less immoral advertising, promotion, publicity,
unethical hype just to sell your type, less blatant bias,
prejudice, hate, less alienation, isolation from neighbour,
less nervousness and distrust, less Demonising!
More rapture not afraid of capture from
fundamental fanatical extremists of any colour or persuasion.
Need more bright ideas, less tears,
more Openness, more Insight, bright light and delight,
more Nirvana more Fun Filled kisses,
Happy Blisses,
More Surfing, friendliness, social forum, informed,
human, powerful and Independent, more Accepting,
All Inclusive faith, True Knowing,
more real cosmic Sense education and Knowledge,
more balance and harmony,
liberation leading to creation,
more Joy, joyousness, worth
Confidence, Reality and Cosmic boundlessness
With No Propaganda we all care more,
we also have less severe sweeping searches
for exaggerated super dangerous militants
living somewhere in tents, and we take less seriously
imagined threats to our children
playing in the park or out after dark, gives less uptight,
edgy, jumpy, strained, tense personal relations,
being traumatised about the boy you invited home alone,
less dread of Media headlined ‘Seriously Wounded, Dead’,
less rigid, Constant Pressure <> to be clear
that’s not the solution my dear, allowing less terrified
deep seated worry of criminals as neighbours,
living in your street that you never want to meet
and less anguish, horrible phobias
of the defenceless and vulnerable to this media frenzy.
The Simple Truth is less paranoia, envy, distrust,
brings the needed better conductors and Angelic light
Protectors from dark thrusts of negative energy patterns.
No Propaganda creates these magnetic force fields
That are a must, better to work on purest level of Spirit
is this trust. healing, correcting imbalances before they
become physical, emotional, nervous, mental, psychic diseases.
Better influences with essences, better connections with
other extra terrestrial dimensions, undulations~tune into
my thought, oneness, timelessness, unity of peacefulness,
they never need have fought, more brilliant penetration,
deeper ecstasy and cherished multi orgasms, calmness,
innocence, radiance, less ignorance, less racism,
less terrible stupid rhymes of crimes,
less anger, desecration.
No Propaganda for less deluded, manic, psychotic,
mentally ill, disturbed for sure and even with all this
added security offered to Protect Us, as certified &
100% Scrutinised Neurotic, Always needing more!
Transparency, Clarity is definitely more focused,
less killing lies and distorted judgments and
cloak & dagger spies, Surprise!
Bringing better Concentration, determination and commitment,
less ‘Hate Problems’
Free from Propaganda is Free from Repugnant
Persecution, Coercion, fascist Conversion.
Makes it Crystal clear
(How out of touch these Machiavellian Minds are) >
Proven is the link now between illegal
Invasion, Conquest, Occupation of Iraq and obviously,
except for those Responsible for the Propaganda with
their Government and lobbyist policies,
< The Increased 7/7 Muslim terror attacks and suicide bombers.
So who should Accept & take Responsibility for these Actions?
Now where are those insurgent sheep, In your dreams?
With No Propaganda, We receive better perception, perspectives,
helps a better struggle for true democracy,
less corruption and YOB uprising, more listening to
All the Peoples’ Common good sense and to those Brave
Associations supporting the helpless Victims of Tyrants
and Terror. The Two go hand in hand!
And Asylum Centres which help the terribly distressed,
needs more resolution less Oil Spoils, Power Rich Syndromes,
More construction, not Crazy destruction, more feeling less
wheeling, dealing, More Sensuality, Sensitivity, no more
Crazy doubts about that! Propaganda’s very convincing,
Absolutely Negative role, bringing only more dislike bitterness,
animosity, indignation, grudges, piqued and
offended ill feelings to their Spirits.
Let’s have More Peace on Earth for a better goodnight,
bright senses to awaken sheep asleep and higher Awareness,
no more Separation, no more spinning glib or fibs, venal reasons,
No more wind ups. The Simple Truth for the record!
Don’t be miffed, offended, vexed, insulted in
somebody’s embittered name, or to be told to take
exception. Much more Understanding needed,
humanity and humility.
Who is Pulling these Unconscious
Nonsense strings? Which sordid slippery People and
Why What good is it? What is this Zero Tolerance dad?
‘Propaganda Wars’ >>>Roots of All Evil <<<
Circumcises the brain in the lobotomy fields of Sharon!
Profits ignorance and darkness not light Consciousness!
‘Empathise warriors’ Sustain the Oneness, timelessness
Unity of Peacefulness. Maintain and Full fill its destiny,
Love The World ~ Natural part of Cosmic & Human Life
Divine Essence Wings of Light, Universal Psychic force
Open hand of Wisdom, No more routs, bouts of doubts,
No secrets, no more regressed, oppressed, suppressed,
doom and gloom or disbelief, Truth brings Relief.
No more Enemies at the Door! Amen & Omen & Om!