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Letting your mind rule your heart ~ Let the fear go ~ keeping the Sacred alive

Letting your mind rule your heart ~ Let the fear go ~ keeping the Sacred alive

No Propaganda Is ~ This is Not A Stimulator, Simulator,
It’s Real, Real Consequences, Real Causes & Effects!
Isn’t bewilder meant to be wildering?
Free festival free party free nature free love free will
free creativity free view free vision free dream
free breathing free time free life free heart free mind
free spirit free speech free thought free movement free bliss
Why Accept Anything else but freedom and Truth?
What good does Propaganda do You?
No Prop means the clarity ~
to see the starry skies INTUITIVELY
Into the Universe deep into your eyes,
no delusions, illusions, Hallucinations
or mad surprises ~ can get you
and all your loved ones starved, killed, sectioned, insane
in a blink, in a wink, in the wars they start
They make you think and see yourselves as fearful idiots,
Disgrace full of negative menace against the positive developing
Spirit way ~ don’t stop the love roots
or change to hate and dismay.
Why should you anyway?
Love Affair, she’s finally come back after all this Time
“I’m off, I’m going out Into the Universe mate!”
Big game, hang on hang on I’ve got a crisis goin’ on!
don’t let Propaganda rule your Spirit
don’t let Propaganda rule your Mind
don’t let Propaganda rule your heart
don’t let Propaganda make you feel like a criminal.
Who are these dangerous people Making ‘Emergencies!’
Tuesday’s Major Incidents and violent disorders’?
‘Dividing and Conquering’ A Well developed model!
‘Black Magic Arts’ of Persuasion? No Virtue to talk of.
Best defence is to live the Truth connect to ‘Wholeness’
eternal Boundlessness, My head’s all mine the view is #1
You just have to put yourself in lovely Reality ~
Same kind of thing, nothing happenin’ ~ I thought,
so I’m off, but that love flew back from being lost
~ turning, It’s finally Surprisingly come back!
Ultimately it’s all changing on Infinite levels,
this is the Essential regardless of the bullshit,
never get stuck, smashed by a truck or bad luck
happens it’s there it always changes ~ eventually
sooner you flow in the know, be kind
don’t get caught in the Mind