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Spiked by the Dalek Lama

Spiked by the Dalek Lama

More Psyche delic Amaranth
I promised I would, I Keep My Word! Welcome ~
to Dr. Albert Hofmann, Inventor of ‘synthetic’ LSD
Synapse Literature of ‘Alcheringa’ the way you say it ~
delivery of a ‘Please’, sharing information culture
Timothy Leary ‘The Most Dangerous Man In America’!
Alias, ‘A Dalek, gone Mad’ Give me a break!
Dream timers, Our 6 Billion faces, Trust in the Universe
Hugging’s the thing, the buzz ~ word.
‘Push The Love’
Alight, align, be free ~ Trends ‘Live and let live’
Spiritual Lambada locked out of, locked in to
Providing you an Identification> Amadavat,
It Is the Matrix, finds Weakness. Tells you how to fix it
~ Controlling freaks “the Truth Is very Simple quite
Simple, The Truth Is”. I can’t believe how easy
we all completely fall for it ~ The Bottom Line
some sort of Security, the whole market is about that,
Which reality do you want, which pill do you want?
Matters how you’re feeling, Doesn’t matter where you are
but how you are feeling, Addicted to the illusion
Really, to the fear until you accept your mortality, freed.
Vibrations of Baghdad, vibrations of Clusters carpeting
falling into Civilians homes of Kabul, Jacob’s ladder.
One Great leap, leaping ~ for Life! They want it!
Summer Festivals. What’s well located ~ dream
intuition of flying Agaric, cruising LSD, by the sea,
sees the Parallax illusion
Super sensitivity Kundalini ~ being receptively.
Is Opening up to the vibrations from the top knot
from Beyond the Mind, the voice ~ OM inside the Ocean
butterflies going with the breeze going with the flow
Practicing it ~ in the know. Getting back on tracks
always changing always changing ~ Changing Always
To Feel to Heal To Heal to Feel