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Feel It * Be It

Feel It * Be It

Loyal Dhamma Not Pandemonium’s greeting
Sharing in energies Delusions Illusions,
Exaggerations Fabulists/
Aim>- shame blame brain Drain /
Exorcise Excise customs/ Impotent languid
Potentate of perfidy from a Machan, flame
Knowing No wings. Machine ate Nations of Greed.
Cell you are Selfish Extractions Detractions
Languish ~ Extinguish Vanquish Anguish/
‘Il Principe’ don’t wake up the furies, distractions,
Advocating the use of every unscrupulous means
to strengthen the State, mate.
We Can think, we can intellectualise it but can’t Know it.
The changing can really feel it ~
Feel it, BE IT
Equanimously by the conscious least reaction
To Identifying, for or against Ignorant furore.
We’re feeling it ~ Not feeling it, then ~ Bang
it’s a long continuous process of Awareness