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Demons are leaving ~ Flood it with light

Demons are leaving ~ Flood it with light

Living It
We do not protect our innocent children ~
Don’t lock them up, change the hard drive!
Sending Love instead of sucking up anger and hate.
Stuck to it can’t get out of it ~ surely we’ll find some release.
“They’re Christians they’re allowed to think more than others!”
700 years of bloody inquisition, Obeying the rules of discipline!
Demons are leaving. Hooked, flood it with light, let’s just ZAP it!
Turns Obsessive when you’ve lost control over your Idol!
The figure of your Attachment. Kissing the Holy white Meteorite.
Confused, can’t work it out, ending up thinking I must love him!
Whilst you’re getting your fix you’re in it, if not you’re out of it.
It’s all vibration in your head space ~ these things like Boomerangs
we throw them out and Bang it comes in. Be careful what you desire.
Lowering your self-esteem, repeating your Hard drive, Manifesting!
Just become the Observer…like giving it a good wash because that
jumper doesn’t fit you anymore. Until you get it out the closet,
look at it you don’t know it’s there ~You’ve outgrown it,
bigger than that! Do you know what’s being created in your
Subconscious here, now? So you get a new one ~ one that fits.