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Divine Love * To see the One * In all you see

Divine Love * To see the One * In all you see

Creating within your self * Space
for Supra dimensional light Radiations.
No time to waste ~ No flame to waste
on Anger, greed, confusion, self indulgence, fear
egocentric self delusion or frequencies of disease.
True self on the Spiral ~ turning, Reawakening *
Look within Yourself, ‘Of the World Not In the World’
~ Agreement to go Thru Turmoil and difficulties
As Altruistic Sacrifice for Higher purposes.
To serve ~ brings glimpses of ‘Cosmic Memory’
Open Your eyes Open your heart Open your Mind
Open your true Conscious Open our Divine Love
Raise ourselves and the Plane’s Vibration
to Higher Consciousness ~ 5th Dimension of Spirit
Crystalline multi dimensional beings,
Lovingly accept Ourselves ~
End our Denial and Guilt trips,
Merge into the Highest Octave possible thru simply ~ being
Illuminating All with Deep Joy and Profound Peace
Agreed not greed!