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That's not God it's a picture of God but he has memory loss

That’s not God it’s a picture of God but he has memory loss

‘Ladies In Waiting’
I want to remember ~ not to be Protected from their Truth!
‘Self survival’ of the Mind wanting to guarantee It’s own self.
‘Neutrinos are sub* atomic particles so tiny that they can pass
through ‘solid’ matter moving at almost the speed of light ~
They travel through the earth from one side to the other as if
it wasn’t there and could pass through a block of lead several light
years thick without disturbing anything or leaving any trace of
their passage. Since they have no charge and may or may not have
any mass difficult to say in what way they ‘exist’
Memory Incarnated ~ ‘Took God Out put Divine In’ to practice
Exploring the Magicness of the Cosmos ~
Lift it Up; You get less dense ~ whiter and lighter.
That’s why we are here, to shine Ourselves Out.
In all the forms of beauty