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To be Free in your Heart

To be Free in your Heart

Kali Alaikum
Bring it on full power giving our energy to the Governor
of fear, she brings you beyond Time,1/2 Shakti 1/2 Shiva.
Male & female, containing every energy, Divine Mother.
I love that little sexy phone; ‘A brighter side of Neptune’ “Salam”
Staying in eternity everything is Meditation ~
Flowers of life; no need to force, by the ‘Grace of God’ Revolving
Inside the macroscope, inside the microscope Spiraling heart’s
Cosmic milky ways of expanding love.
Arriving at the island, spent weekend with a Shanti baba.
Life is sweet, jumping into a battle of Love, working with violet
flame channels (not throwers), in lands of the dove. Visions from
above. In a spaceship with Indigo children. Allowance to unfold
moments ~ transmitting vibrations changing with reflecting
frequencies ~ Now the mirrors getting very strong ~ to beingness.
Earth’s heart chakra Makes circle round, multi dimensional beings
in human form, at poles earth goes inside. Round earth is bananas.
Psychic war on many dimensions, love friction to higher
Revolutions * LSD * Certainly I don’t need plasma TV.
Like fire moths all drugs change a culture, football fans
in ecstasy gave up mindless, ugly brawling on terraces,
drunken aggressivity! Cocaine & amphetamine changes
Psychedelic chill out of tropical beaches in Aphrodite’s
arms to going against the grain within this full hurricane!
Sai baba calls me in dream; showed holes to go through channels
to surf ~ Falling into the ‘Pool of Love’ Imprint. Reflection ~ to live
this energy, learning, freedom burning Inspirational lives
regardless of ego centralist Time bombs.
Who is nurturing Mother earth? We’re Here as a big gift.
“You have to Love yourself to be able to Love others”
& to be Free in the Love ~