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In The Heart Lotus

In The Heart Lotus

‘It’s True Without A Word Of A Lie’
Beam me In Beam Me In! Man >< Mind ><
Trap to deliver/|/|/ freely Synchronicity
It’s a matter of the channel we are just transmitters
& receivers of that ^ frequency.::.>:.that|timing ~
}}}}~~***~~^^^ just tuning into\ for Self Realisations
defined/\refined Acts of Nature* How can one begin
to figure that out/Why even ‘Think’ to figure that out?
“Not enlightened but ‘knowing’ more about it than you”
What is the sense of this word ‘to know’ that we use ~
whatever we’re living, it is the perfect Projection of Now
Ourselves it is what it is! Why 7th Chakra,< opposed to ~
Have you never been in love? Being in the Heart well,
Sitting In the Heart *Radiating from Source ~ naturally
in the beaming; Smiles of children just got out of it ~
The centre working, waking up, in the here* now happy.
Most people are in their heads “I can be your Reflection”
Leaving the Master: Releasing of Serotonin} Kundalini bio
Chemicals but be detached; Third eye’s stronger than Shivas,
OM’s, Albert Hoffmans, Marilyn Monroes Sensations Coming
Replenishing ~ from the heart, that’s why I don’t do mirrors.
“If In doubt take the Happy path ~ for sure”