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Mother Nature in heat! Climate Change

Mother Nature in heat! Climate Change

It’s Always changing ~
Climate change is a blip for Mother Earth but be Aware
(BG ch 2.17) ‘Consciousness is spread all over the body’
Conscious of pains & pleasures, of the body/Mind > limits.
Don’t know how you feel darling but it was great for me!
Only this Material body is destructible, embodied being
we all will die somewhere under a sub atomic starry sky
“Never commit Violence to anyone it is abominable”
‘Arjuna engaged in killing for Religion’ It’s hard to accept!
‘Thrill to wind you up’ Source of energy from the Heart.
You are engrossed in ontological Anxiety, moroseness.
Captivated as the enjoyer of the fruits of the tree ~ Eve.
The Material body. I like to enjoy the life, witnessing its reality.
I’m not a monk and need to experience happiness ~
I enjoy Osho’s insight & wit in this mirage Controlled Reality’
coerced in us by masters of political power & fundamentalists.
Have to have time to relax, chill out, travel, enjoy her kisses
still witnessing (not forgetfulness) streams of consciousness.
What do you Believe? Embrace a divine doctrine of devotion;
Loving Kindness & Compassion taking you to transcendence
To find the Unmanifest ~ before or after human life,
but you have to be detached from any Identity, any Programming.
However wonderful it may seem, remember it’s all a dream.
Be the cosmic witness and enjoy full Psytrancing in Anjuna.
Feel the butterfly being free in the clear blue summer sky.
I say Enjoy a smile from your heart & from her soft lips.
Importance to be able to flow above the Mind being kind
to ‘Remember’ in your arms “I Am’ ‘AS IT IS’ Spiritually.
Opening for us the doors to Heavenly Planets * Galaxies.
To do your duty without Expectation Arjuna, everything is done
for Transcendental ~ Consciousness, highest quality of Action,
of Being, so No Reaction from Mental Activities. Surrendered >
Sense Gratification, no longer Attached ~
to anyone or anything ~ simply ‘beingness’