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There's a serpent in every Eden

There’s a serpent in every Eden

Inside the Brain of a Quetzalcoatle
….Two Hemispheres….
Mythical & embryological
Beginnings of esoteric ~ Time
Scientific concepts & Shamanism
Inside DNA, outside the Dragon
Firing flames of the Ayahuasqueros.
Given a molecule of life
Containing genetic information
Is the same for all species.
Everyone came from Brazil.
Best lyricist met her on a beach at the crack of dawn ~
Dancing Samba, ‘Garota de Ipanema’ she goes walking by
discovering double helixes on her soft pink, wet sultry lips.
Coded in four letters, Animate essences dissolving Coup d’ ~
Taken over by the Military not the World of Plants!
Somewhere in Creation myths of Indigenous people’s
Life’s sacred energies ~ divine Perceptions of plumed
Serpents in heat, disintegrating their Solar crystals.
Revelations on the Ladders between Earth & Sky
‘Gods come down natural beings go up’