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The Garden of Eden is in our Mind

The Garden of Eden is in our Mind

In the Garden of Eden with a throbbing Pineal Gland
Angelica How’s it Riding? Sigh gone to Ho Chi Minh City.
“I’ll take Shakti anytime, put it right next to God”
“Life is Love, Love is Life”
“You deserve to be happy & I hate goodbyes”
let images stream at their own pace, white rabbit ~
“the Mind is harder to train than a Monkey”
throwing bananas into pools of collective consciousness.
“A form of Power that you think you don’t already have!
Ain’t it Amazing what Money will buy?” A poet sang ~
You only get a Hajji cap first time circumambulating Mecca.
Dreams of an overflowing vulva whirling beneath a Sufi dress.
Shiva’s home, sunrise from Ma Ganga
Free flowing stream of Unconsciousness
“blood never lies”