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I think therefore I AM ~ I AM therefore I think

I think therefore I AM ~ I AM therefore I think

I am not thinking in Super Fields
“I think therefore I am” ~ “I am therefore I think”
“I don’t make the day, the day makes me”
Extending it through time ~ spatially.
Universal Impact ~ on moist starry Venus.
‘What I Think Effects the World synergy’.
A Big Bang energy sea ~t hen we accepted the Earth was flat!
All the planets revolving around it! Not touching other atoms.
‘I Think therefore the Sub * Atomically * Astronomically Is’
‘Predicting the behaviour of the Physical World’s destiny’
Reality of the latest discovery ~ Superposition ~ Multiple
possibilities ~ Wave particles ~ Organismic Entanglements.
Galaxies of Potential electrons*domains of translucent faeries
Connectivity ~ ‘Rap your Mind around that baby!’ Receptivity.
‘Fundamental Quantum Universe is mostly empty of matter’.
Unbelievable molecular energy existing in this invisible Space.
Consciousness immediately allowing creation at the interface!
Time scale pattern at the Basic Level ~ in the face of a Diva.
“What are the building blocks of Universal life, lovely Eva?”
Come in to Pure Abstract Self Consciousness ~ Irrational now
The Unified Field of Vibration ~ vibrations ~ vibrational Wow!
How do we psychologically experience World? Ask your spirit
How can the future have a causative effect on the Present, Dr?
Wonderful holistic Processes in the cortex going thru a vortex.
One day the Planet will die, the Sun will die ~ That moment
together can’t be repeated finite is here so Infinite can be felt.
Life in you will continue as Supernovae ~ Cosmic visuals
Celestial explosions outshining entire bluish elliptical galaxies.
What’s that gotta do with a gorgeous gal from Central Minsk?
He was taken closer to himself ~euphoric psychedelic juiciness
Overwhelming, have to Integrate the experience ~
Allowance of yourself to fall in this higher frequency ~ if you feel
One with it