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There is no hate, no duality to Love ~ Love is Love

There is no hate, no duality to Love ~ Love is Love

Heavy Breathing
‘An empty cell with a light in it’
‘There is no hate, no duality to Love ~ Love is Love’
No way I could just walk out, now the Mind I need you.
Had to just sit there and smile as the negativity went in.
No you don’t you’re already projecting how it will be.
Back off! Just be in Love, don’t be fearful, selfish ego.
You were resisting, judging, needing, greed, too much Mind.
Forced to put up with shit as I was rewiring my brain circuit.
That feeling’s here, preoccupied with an old record or not!
Allowing us to grow as people through conscious experiences.
Pressing our buttons, observing what comes out of our mouth.
Not awake slipping into automatic numbness, remote control.
Being part of it, me asking me, get in there on the dancefloor.
I have too many conversations in my head, need to let you go.
Where you put your consciousness and Love energy so be it ~
Forget all the shit on hard drive need to be living in the heart.
Let beauty come in and rediscover yourself, no playing games.
Just be, gushing with your expressions of Love for each other.
Sublimely projecting being into Love.