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Rainbow Chakras on Earth

Rainbow Chakras on Earth

Heart Vortex View
Crossing the Rainbow bridge ~ to the Chakra Universe
* Red * Orange * Yellow * Green * Blue * Violet * White *
Energy Feeling, Mind, Heart, Communicates Inside Crown.
‘If you’re Not in your body you can’t hold the energy’.
Has to be Form to manifest the spirit or too spaced out.
Enjoying the feast ~ Fire takes all the other elements!
Power points not in the net, realigning to their frequency ~
From the Heavens going to the 5th dimension
You can go up ^ or go down ~ your free will
Lost in the duality of thinking ~
Forgot we are all One ~ Cosmic beings
Knowing the 5th element ~ playing in the Quintessential light.
It’s all in the happening ~
all by Itself