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Why do you want to be Miserable?

Why do you want to be Miserable?

Healthy Peaks of Goa ~ Full on whiteys!
London’s bloody hard and heavy! Class Predators.
Left for the Brighter light ~ Out for the Good
Centering As a Shield ~ ‘Go to Goa to Recharge’
Global beings chilling out in the Sun ~ ‘Intention’
Rainbows of Interplanes ~ flows, using human membranes.
Open, realign, the base charka of Ancient India’s energy.
Being Stuck into Survival ~ tap into the Abundance”
Why, be Miserable? Make a BIG poster!
Get a suit in Delhi, good at convincing people!
Peaks as frequency ~
beautiful light I love it Bright
What’s that mean though in Reality?
Alters in the process ~ formulating New Ideas >>
A job & Debts; A Remortgage he’s pinned down
Run for your Life ~ ditch it all and survive
“Happy, You have to go Up!”
You wanted to fly
Fine Tuning
Fine Tuning
Out in the middle
of nowhere