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Feeling the light that surrounds us

Feeling the light that surrounds us

The Merkaba’s an energy field of light that surrounds
our body it’s built of two Tetrahedrons (male & female)
creating a Star^Tetrahedron that has three aspects.
The Primary aspect always remains stationary while
the other two aspects rotate in different directions.
Creating this energy field of light and unconditional love
has been practised in the Mystery schools of Lemuria
Atlantis and Egypt as a tool of ascension.
It is part of Sacred Geometry ~
which purpose is to show ‘the Unity’
Effects and benefits: Meditation on the Merkaba Yantra
Will operate the 4th Chakra*Heart and connect you with
Universal Love ~ It will activate your *Body of Light*
The Merkaba* and strengthen your ability to work with
your energetic field. Once your Merkaba is activated
you will have expanded awareness of who you are