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Different person ~ different feeling ~ different Passion

Different person ~ different feeling ~ different Passion

Golden Arrows
Rediscovered Samples of the Maestro Pasolini
Troubadour of the Renaissance, Modernist
‘Il Principe Bene’, Shining in the chromium of Rome.
Common sense of Myth and fable, cherished for
its creative original, not censer of the Censor’s label.
A Yogi of courtesy, visual genius and wit, constrained
with disdain, murdered, dumped into a fascist’s pit.
Lovers’ of poets, happiness so easily sourced,
not lost beyond all honour of the Right wing courts
Into the Modern version of The ‘Arabian Knights’
‘Speak of things you have not seen, Lady of the Moon,
Strike a bargain with the passion of enjoyment.
I promise everything you desire,
I would give my Life,
for your kiss ~
While my spirit rests in this tranquil village’
“ has a woman hurt or betrayed your pleasure?”
‘Heaven on Earth is to be found on their breasts.
Love will decide ~ the one who falls in love
is the More beautiful, mirror of the other’.
‘Two bright moons in the same sky’.
‘The sacred divine wills what will happen or won’t.
~ Crossing the river of the Cosmic Vulva’.