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To Experience Love ~ To Come Alive

To Experience Love ~ To Come Alive

Global Back Drop
If they can turn us on to Coca Cola why not do it for Love?
Flash it up on the hard drive, a download of subliminal bliss!
Absolutely, absolutely people are always giving that Love back.
Interactive not just there with his headphones and Smart Galaxy.
Reconnecting and give attention to your own heart not a busy mind.
Not talkin’ negatively to yourself, a vision of Demons don’t project it
onto me. What are we resonating with? Well with Conscious LOVE.
Don’t have to take recreational drugs, it’s not the MDMA, the trip.
Forget that, it’s permanently blissed out in tune with the Universe.
Alert, I put it away when I needed to; These things distracting us ~
Giving the Monkey Mind power of Maya; Freedom to have no puff.
Sitting well with yourself otherwise you go off on Skid Row!
We’re back on an emotional Wobbly Bob.
‘To experience Love ~ to Come Alive’