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Going back to Stardust

Going back to Stardust

Free neurotransmitter technology
“If there’s water there, there’s life”
New name without the bondage!
Hearing the Universal sound of ‘OM’
Vipassana * Clearness to get this focus ~
But sometimes I feel like we’re soap opera Stars.
Don’t need to do any acting to cut it ~ naturally
Instead of the Darkness you get the light of the day
“I can see the Paranoia darling”
Owning The Universe
‘We have All the Time in the World’
Life Is Enlightened by Itself
What do we manifest in that space?
It’s not easy for people to Stop Thinking
Clarity of the Mind ~ let it be fully its completeness.
On the way Sensations of thought without thinking ~
No right or wrong or anything, “gonna sweat my sweat”.
Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, from Stardust to stardust ~
Nobody likes to lose! ~ Silence of the Grand Nothingness
In Complete Acceptance of the heart experience.
Extreme situations bring you Closer ~
No question of ‘If’ ~
‘You do’