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Magical Psychic Cosmonaut ~ Fear of Letting go ~ Take a Space walk

Magical Psychic Cosmonaut ~ Fear of Letting go ~ Take a Space walk

Falling False Fallible Faithful Fanatic
‘Circle spirals itself back to place of the beginning’
‘When Separation exists from the ‘Oneness’~
there will always be a return to that Oneness’
His understanding was now complete, its destiny
has been fulfilled, Merging
~ Accepting What ever comes as just Karma
Your Karmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~
Changing Universal Karma Divine Karma not YoUtopia
Knowing Separating Dichotomy of Your Karma energies
Wholeness is on infinite & sub Atomic levels ~
Divine Chakra * Lotus petals * gene pool ~
blossoming in the hearts
Famine The Great Wall of China ‘The Struggle to ~
‘The People’s Great Hall of Mirrors And Illusions’
beyond the Mind’s depth * beyond Time and Space,
Momentary death ~ rebirth Ever changing blessings
look into their eyes Reprogramming, curing twisted,
forgiveness for his heart full with the radiating waves
of Love not unmistakable aura of death and destruction
Keep on the No propaganda memory path,
terrible truth the lightness extinguished inside of him,
How shattered he had become in contrast to they
Who radiate health and completeness, wonderful truth,
Psychic abilities ~ tried to bring his being into Alignment
something was missing inside, hole in the heart
hollowness and despair.
Feelings ~ It’s all Karma/\Synchronous, let it be, Realise.
You can’t alter that moment only by accepting, Not Identifying
with it Equanimously ~ Realising the sensations of your sub
atoms are Changing, in this boundlessness of being ~
by accepting its Karma, the Great Synchronous ness
beyond My little Selfish Me, A bigger picture, let it be,
don’t react with a ‘Static Ego’, Life is Cosmic energy
Always Changing so Ego isn’t Real
live a clear calm life
Developed by Propaganda Is Greed, desire, aversion,
cravings, Ignorance, watching him assessing the damage
How to find a cure, when in Suffering and Denial?
be conscious the constant flow of energy in Everything
Magnetic grid, the Auric shield, understanding Infinity,
dreaming travelling, Surrealist awareness not illusion,
imagination. ‘knowing not believing’,
fulfillment ~
Self contained, purity and clarity of being ‘As It Is’
finely attuned intelligence, the Great Adventure
No Propaganda, movements of Ceremonial dance,
Pure joy of brilliant blue Cosmic sky,
Sparkling Universal Ocean ~ the vast silence
Sailing across the Infinity of endless waves,
A soothing nothingness time for you
to awaken, step forward to claim who you are,
Beyond our Wildest dreams
Premonition of the mysteries your crystal body of light
Step into the depths of one’s Unconsciousness,
Very essence, Love and Tenderness in Infinite space.
and Sincerity, radiated Unconditional Love Aura
Propaganda energies tainted, distorted,
treacherous, fall from Grace.
Hidden secrets of unknown potentials
Insinuated, detoured, energy patterns so different. *~*
Forbidden knowledge, tempting fabulous
Forbidden fruit peculiar feelings of Unnaturalness
Where is the Mutual Respect?
Keep Higher Vibrations.
No propaganda, Total absorption, enraptured ~
revealed destiny already sealed by higher forces,
time of their completion having faith, just is ~
in the Cosmic Vision ~ of Non Identification,
‘we die in order to return to our Spirit’