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Ego Driving Super Amnesia Adventure
Bush praying to the Rockefellers, al Sauds, Rothschild’s dynasty.
‘Ironic, early Zionist circumcision made them lose Trust in life’
Need all the Security, make money be the dominant to survive!
Hanging into the first chakra ~ 666 ~ reproduction of a dogma!
Verify that Monsanto ‘s not trying to take over the biodiversity.
Minds a phantom, made up of thoughts, so you think, not a lie?
Comes from outer space, outside you, and goes back to space.
Getting Identified & Conditioned by the Matrix, cause & effect.
Must have been a thought that started a 100 year diabolic War.
Who split an atom? Ideas to drop it on Nagasaki & Hiroshima!

Commemorating the horrible anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima
(Posted at 8:09 am Japanese Time)