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‘Eden kits in the Pink Orange Tulip ~’
Just being in the garden
Just being in the middle of the game
Programmed ‘MINDSETS’
Full Power bodies it’s not Canada for sure
Put out Positive vibes ~ into the Wilderness
Imitating the Valkyries, respect for running workers.
Golden smile in her full length nude Tahitian gown
her tattoos full trancing on the dance floor.
Full Energy exciting hot gases in her nexus
feeling the music ~ with her body not her brains
“Oneness of LSD embracing ~ Super Aware of Chi”
Seeing into her Venus Veins
Swimming in her lava Streams
gliding in her eyes’ light beams
it was so beautiful
Trans formed ~ Trance sensed
To Manifest in 4 dimensions
energies to balance ~ In & out
helping to lift it up
helping to light up
all frequencies
transmuting pictures of a Rainbow monkey
getting closer to the Galaxy
energy of Devotion
Cannot Stop the Ocean
extends & enhances
Find Yourself in Love
Nothing else
Cosmic expansion no more duality
You are the Oneness
Embracing * A full reflection ~
because You have it in Yourself