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Divine ~ You are your own Star

Divine ~ You are your own Star

DYNAMIC ART ~ Exhibition
‘Not A Broken Mind, Not A Broken Heart, Not A Broken Spirit’
‘Life is Simple ~ Sharing Loving Kindness ~ From the Heart’
Paintings: Happiness, Lands of the Mind, Butterfly Wings, Right
Time Right Place, Good Morning La Vie, Rayon de Soleil,
Meditation Sur Un Ciel Rose, Outside The Zoo, L’Ami de Pluton,
Open Invitation, Light to Light, Sunwave, Bhavanga, Panorama,
Le Rayon Vert, Magic, River of Desires, Universe of Your Heart,
Free Spirits, Beslan, Diamond Blue, Love Chakra,
Le Voyage ~ Infini, You Are Your Own Star, Where Is the Loving?
Sunny Jetsun’s philosophy is that each one of us is a channel of
Creative potential energy in relation to our interior & exterior
environments ~
He feels when we Open our hearts we express
freely & consciously this‘Art’ energy of Life, which we all share
This force is Truth & Enlightenment ~