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Cosmic Oceanic
“I became Krishna Consciousness ~
“God created Space wo/men ~ Space wo/men made us!”
Krishna’s into it all ~ Making the most of every party!
“I’m just gonna have it freestyle ~”
‘DNR ‘ ~ Do not resusitate your mum!
Doing it, no blocks, resistances, veils,
hidden treasures, top secrets, lost tribes,
vague memories, forbidden desires, taboos, glories.
Swimming in an Open pool of infiniteness ~ Nature.
300 tonnes of radioactive waste dumped into the sea
at Fukushima every day, heading your way Baby!
You gotta survive in the desert, looking at stars, feeling
windy, moist breeze, wetness over tingling sandy dunes.
Sliding in while no one notices you ~ waves of silence.
All in Peace.