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Counter Culture

Counter Culture

Concresence ~
I’m resonating in my silicon chip ship.
Vision of Psychedelic flower power ~
“Fly me to the Celestial Moon”
Interactive love ~ countering culture.
Seeing Jewel Earth from Outer Space.
Planetary Vibe * new astral perspective.
“Would you like to dance Magically?”
Brainwaves beating at a multi cellular rave ~
taking a Conscious trip along a Cosmic wave.
Realisation of extra sensory deprivation states.
Transcending the Torture chamber.
Complete Confidence ~ with Life, with yourself ~ A beauty!
“History is shite ~ Past is Past”.
“I am Myself here” feel at home ~ Free to Dance
Captain Potential at the Theatre of Inter faces ~
Intuition swimming in sub conscious Theta waves.
‘When you were old enough to take psychedelics’
Spontaneous touching of superb natural mysticism ~
Awakening to the truth of a microdot on her cherry lips.
Supersonic catalyst peaking with a human humming bird.