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#1 Keep away from Negative women!

#1 Keep away from Negative women!

Committed to ‘Commitment’
fluent Journey Another Amazing Experience of life
flowing like the jet stream with the brilliant sun beam
coming out, of a depression.
Big black hole, of negativity failure,
loss of suffering at the end of the tunnel, finally!
Came out into the light, Thank fully, Thank life.
Looking and feeling releases ~
A cycle, many cycles Completions/
many more cycles in motion,
multi dimensionality*
In progress, Age gaining wisdom, fulfilling
Birthday cards wishing me well, Congratulations,
Affirmation of Love,
Living life’s experience by Dhamma
Principles of guidance in human relations,
“I Love You” too
Loving Kindness, Visiting the Four Sublime States
again ~ smiling, being content, feeling satisfied,
Cosmic picture realisation of Awareness,
The higher possibilities of Consciousness.
Attempting it, suffering through it,
Surfing through it~
believing, hoping, dreaming, meditating, receiving
blessings ~ being completely full of gratitude