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Drudge that's the worst, Kills the Spirit for Sure! There's a Monster in the Cot!

Drudge that’s the worst, Kills the Spirit for Sure! There’s a Monster in the Cot!

Cognoscenti in an apple orchard
never felt a need to be contrite
Hen pecked husband who gave up the ghost
Contracting H5N1 reading a dirty saucy card
That good old Protestant Work ethic helped them through
the other 51 weeks of drudge
couldn’t understand why they embalmed her so quickly.
Is there any Confucian confusion here?
Is it the Hag who nags or crazed connoisseur?
Having laughs by the sea, having a purge, surge,
tickling your fancy
‘there may be trouble ahead’
It’s difficult to know what’s ‘Normal’ Anymore
The Voice of the People, glittering lights ~
Ideas, not sure where they come from,
did they just disembark and walk ashore?
Victorian morality and ludicrous clergy
to sort it all out and leave us to sleep ~
Crime, divorce adultery, alcoholism,
Yobish & religious revivals to contend with all in a week
Those ‘Watch Committees’,
Beady Eyes Against Fornication,
debauchery, excess, indulgence, depravity,
lewdness, wickedness and lust!
Invoking the invincible debonair Censor Board
who disapproved and Banned books,
innocuous postcards burnt in the furnaces of Scotland Yard
Persecution from the Local Prosecution,
You certainly know to which class you belong
though you might believe in Natural goodness
and look for Inspiration in the Countryside ~
Hedgerows with white blossom and blue tinged hills
surrounding village orchards of no cares
Where philosophers and poets come to share
on summer afternoons
fresh water from the lakes
and dreams of peaceful intercourse
* Sarnath *