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Yeah Nostalgia is the Exaggeration and Exaggeration is? What about ~ Melancholy Darling? * Nostalgia as a feeling you put as Unreal in the past. Is there a past If there is none then what is Unreal? Nostalgia is a feeling now of something we think it is exaggerated,...

The Art and the Artist

The Art and the Artist is it the thing created or the state of my thought or neither? Therefore you don’t really have to have made anything (object) just had the Vision of it ~ transmutation. The Artist was the one who made changes... Being Artistic is inherent in the...

My darling

My darling Who has yet to sail by felucca down the Nile and to meditate in quiet under the pinkest trees of Mount Fuji. My darling whose perfume will scent the nature of many delicate impressions, your sweetest strength of life ~ is needed to fountain many loves and...


Travel Buddha ~ the last Resort. Dear Sanctuary Pure light ~ Deathless Dhamma Blessed are you. The middle path to ~ the cottage of Sublime beauty. Peaceful ~ Love ~ Creation