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Smiling no ego self -abandonment In Ecstasy

Smiling no ego self -abandonment In Ecstasy

Boys’ Toys
Android * Robot * Real * Ideal * Lover.
SHE * Blissed out ~ her Amour fully Open.
Smiling, no ego, self-abandonment in Ecstasy!
You get the deeper reflections ~ deepest feeling.
“I don’t want anymore pain & suffering programs!”
Why F… would yu? Expendable, she’s letting you go…
Gazing face to face, eyes to eyes ~ Pleasurific.
Tweaking them to the Max of beautific ~
to ring some (more) bliss feeling out of it!
“You don’t wanna wait for that anymore”
Rude Boy Style ~ I do rudimentary channelling,
see that expression as an expression of your lust mate.
The Penis cult, big nipples, facials, welcome to the Orgy.
‘Hari Krishna, Hari Krishna, Hari Rama, Hari Rama’