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Wherever the moment ~ the situation ~ Where is the appearance of Love ~

Wherever the moment ~ the situation ~ Where is the appearance of Love ~

Behind the Sun
The Shackles for Your Own Protection!
Where 223 cockle pickers drowned,
not by accident
Allegations, intimations,
Intimidations of innocent folk!
You can have Extra Strong One
or Extra Ordinary One
Even one time is more than Enough!
Even more Surreal than Surreal,
An Apple pipe ~
Orange and carrot one too!
Cooking with ~
Indian gypsies dream cake
“Civilisation is falling from me little by little. I am
beginning to think simply, to feel only very little hatred
for my neighbour ~ rather to Love him. All the joys ~
animal and human, of a free life are mine. I have
escaped everything that is artificial, conventional,
customary. I am entering into the Truth, into nature.
Having the certitude of a succession of days like this
one, equally free and beautiful, peace descends on me.
I develop normally and no longer occupy myself
with useless vanities.”
‘Noa Noa’ Paul Gauguin.

Whatever The Moment, The Situation,
Where is the Appearance of Love
In plants, Tropical to Artic Tundra
to those down under
Water, animals, species
infinite energies ~ frequencies,
Tune into that ~
Connecting us all
Does the wisdom today comprehend that
does it have any idea of invisible,
Indivisible life ~ energies.
If You Knew, you would immediately
spontaneously automatically Intrinsically,
Share it
Not catastrophically Destroy it!
Absolutely True.