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You're Free ~ to flow ~ Perfect ~ Stay in Love with it All

You’re Free ~ to flow ~ Perfect ~ Stay in Love with it All

‘Assalum Alaikum’, ‘May Peace Be With You’
Mercy and goodness show the way to the Sacred day
Being with the ever changing present to the Milky way
be exactly what you want On the level of vibrations ~
metaphor for, Crossing the river, offering Salutations
Right time Right Place ~
It always is in truth
which is also Infinitely deep and also full of particular frequencies
~ radiant lights flowing.
There’s a beautiful Magenta gondola of the Lotus lake,
full of red cherries,
in the warm valley sunshine
‘Clear water offers a still and clear reflection of what
there is! Brain washing and corruption only pollutes
that view and understanding. So what can be learnt,
what can be really discovered about the truth
of who we are? How to start to Live without doubt
and negative selfish need, to know Right and Wrong.
To perceive those who lie with a straight face
and without any sign of guilt or immorality or greed
How to see through the manipulation by our own Egos!
Their corruptions infect whole cultures and generations.
So that you wonder, what is natural
and if you possibly ever could be truly real.
This Clarity Now, it’s obvious,
Propaganda’s eruption, destruction and corruption.
Why accept it, be fooled by any of it, when this
Ignorance only leads to illusion, confusion, Separation
And disconnection from your own deeper inner being
Needed to realise the fulfillment of the human spirit?
It is a powerful force of self delusion
and mesmerizing Conspiracy of distortion.
Be on guard against it, persevere and preserve
the most important qualities of our healthy,
concentrated, calm and loving conscious Mind,
which will take us to past the manifestations of ‘Ego’
to the point of its ‘Self Transcendence’.
This can’t be found if we’re still
floundering lost on the ground ~
Live a wonderful life of Inspiration in this World
In this Universe, as a Conscious being.‘Keep It Real’
Then on Transcendence we realise
that the whole of reality is ever changing
on a Multitude of Unidentified dimensions
which make up our sense of who we are ~
We still cling to the idea that ‘I’ am in control
Ultimately, everything happens because I somehow
make it happen or respond to its happening,
This is a Materialist mirage, the truth is it’s beyond our senses!
Therefore I am happy, sad, good, bad, up down because of ‘Me’,
what ‘I’ do.‘My Reality Is’ because of Me
and our Minds fulfill their own definition of ‘Self,’
By developing that fiction which we are obviously made
to believe! Propaganda tries to mould it for its own aims!
However the essence is the reality of energies existing
in us, forever ~ essentially changing by itself regardless
of what we think I may be doing as the ‘Director’ CEO
this process of existence, which I Manage from My box!
This is the characteristic of the ‘Life Force’ in each
and every one of us alive in nature. Accept this point
and you are Free to flow, it’s not Ego after all so it’s
not Your Show. You needn’t become a Megalomaniac.
Now you can have an input by how conscious are your
deeds and thoughts. Simply start Putting in Mind
good seeds and nature gives good fruit. Put in bad
energy and nature produces negative energy.
The Future of your development is in your hands here!
But ultimately it is so massive and infinite that it exists
so let your sense of Your ‘All Ego~ Self ‘ go,
free yourself, let it go, let it surf in the life waves.
Be It.
You, become a good and happy Vipassana Yogi surfer
flowing in the depths of your own sub consciousness.
‘The Truth Will Set You Free’ There is No Separation
Surrendering to Awareness, not ‘Self’ defined reaction,
just surfing these boundless interwoven waves of life ~
Electro magnetic sunbeams of ever changing