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Total Equality

Total Equality

‘Ahimsa’ Completely Selfless, boundless, multi dimensional
Compassionate, ‘Concept of a friend’ Openness, Oneness.
‘Altruism to All the World Systems, All the Earths, Suns Moons,
Oceans, Galaxies Universes Infinite Milky Ways Hinduism’s Action >
Concept of society, of Caste, Life,
given in ‘Divine Sanction’ As being a Creation of God!
Gotama’s discovery of a new Evolutionary dynamic’ ~
“Fatherhood of God implies brotherhood of man”
What’s this Feeling ~ APart of the Mind? ‘Thinking’
& ‘Control’ of What; Why, Why? Mind Games/\ Sets.
‘Each ones duty to help his fellow beings, Mother Earth
Equality of the one species of Mankind; Sharing it All’.
‘Loving Kindness’, based on this ‘Oneness’ ~ Openness
because All people are capable of the Highest Spiritual Attainment
& Beyond Intellectual Understanding ~