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Holding the force that acts on every star in the Universe

Holding the force that acts on every star in the Universe

A Sylph from Sybaris
‘You can’t have NO in your heart’
‘Keep on Keepin on’
torrid trousseau of Rousseau
Never give up she’s too beautiful
“To tell you the truth brother.”
Babble Babble avoid the rabble
“Home is where you make it”
Not where you’re Not making it”
Apparently ‘back in the day’
We need a Resolution. We need closure
No propositions, the outlook is positive
“Life is a Garden of delights”
“Love It”
Right on Right on,
I Love you too.
What ~ Doesn’t Ring a Bell! It rings a bell.
Who Subscribed to those Automatic Writings
& hieroglyphics on the transparent veil?
‘There are at least 2 Billion people today
who live on less than $2 a day’
Recognition, Discrimination, Indiscrimination,
Labour dancing to the same Master’s Voice
It’s a Mad House! Screw loose, effects ~
Our physical/emotional /mental/psychic health
Gaia which effects butterflies in Philippines’ Symbiosis
Not Synthetic Crimson Dolphins in the Mighty Amazon
Welcome to ‘The Great British Asylum’!
Deva Station and Potentates of golden plates.
Smoke Screens and Smoking Mirrors of Propaganda
The Break up of the Holistic family
Where is ‘Ptah’, energizer of the Universe and Justice?
This Sensation that we are all an Integral part of Nature
So I contain African Lion DNA, Tibetan Squirrel DNA
Marigold DNA,
Whatever is alive in the Universe DNA
I share, We All Share In Everything,
Every DNA Spirals
Cosmic intra connectedness ~ In tuned frequencies
No More ‘Double Speak’, We’re All in this Together
“A much nicer Spirit round here”
No more Mental coffins and Straight Jackets
False Advertising Privateering>< Privatising, Prop!
Dismantling Traditional culture; Hype of Progress.
Head in the Clouds, not even psychedelic, sister
Going Up the Wall!!
Again ~